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Key Advisory and Consultancy Services

Petrochemicals, Oil, Gas & Clean Coal 

Tailored Solutions and Advice on:

  • Investment Selection and Economic Feasibility Studies

  • Joint Venture Agreements, Structure and Management

  • Acquisitions and Due Diligence

  • Strategic Business Plan

  • Business Contracts

  • Market, Sales, Channel and Supply Chain Management, Optimization and Restructuring

  • Key Account Management

  • Relationship Management

  • General Business Organization and Structures and Governance

  • NOC-IOC Relationship Management, Mediation in Contract Negotiations, Issue Management

  • Regional Cross-Border Opportunities

  • Risk Management: Framework Development and Implementation for Enterprise, BU, JV, Operations

  • Integrated Hydrocarbon / Energy Value Chain Opportunities 

  • Management Training : experience-based Best Practices on Modern International, Business, Commercial and Relationship Management


Examples of successfully completed projects and on-going consultancy and advisory services:


Continuous Advices on current operations and governance (commercial, manufacturing, growth, partnering) of a world-scale petrochemical complex 

Client: a major international corporation


Long-term Advices and Analysis for major integrated investments (opportunities, portfolio, technology, project management, organization, systems, policies, standards, management training)

Client: a major international corporation


Risk management at early stages of a mega-project

Client: a major management consulting house


Public Training Courses: 3 –day MBA in Petrochemicals 

Participants: diverse senior managers of different industries

Organizer: Terrapinn


In-house ad bespoke Petrochemical Training Programs 

Clients: diverse 


Competitiveness of Olefin and Polyolefin Assets 

Client: a major management consulting house


Enterprise Risk Management  for Petrochemical Companies

Client: a major management consulting house


Shaping a major JV, partner selection and JVA development in Oil&Gas sector

Client: a major NOC


EOR Human Capital

Client: a major management consulting house



Base Chemicals & Intermediates Market

Client: a management consulting house


Export of Chemical Products from Middle East

Client: a downstream consulting house


A workshop on C-Level dynamics

Client: a major corporation


Joint Ventures | Western Companies in Saudi Arabia

Client: a major consulting house


Petrochemical Industry: New Capacity Additions

Client: a venture capital company


Developing a complete Training Package and Conducting workshops on: Best Practice in Key Account Management

Client: a major integrated NOC


Global Petrochemical Trends

Client: an international investment bank


A survey on: Temporary Foreign Workers | Mining/Oil & Gas Productivity

Client: a major management consulting house


CapEx Program Management Systems

Client: a service providing enterprise to petrochemicals industry


Petrochemical Plants - International (advice on specific aspects)

Client: a major consulting house


Oil and Gas Refining | Middle East

Client: a renowned consultancy


Petrochemical Production in China | Middle East

Client: a major consulting house


Naphtha Cracker Dynamics and Competitiveness 

Client: a major consulting house 


Petrochemicals Industry | MENA

Client: a professional service providing corporation


Certain Petrochemicals Markets Study: Middle East Supply and Asian Demand

Client: a major producer

New Energies, Novel Value Chains:  Advice on: 

Novel Technologies (e.g. Gasification, Bio-based Materials. Shale Resources) and their impact on Petrochemicals Alternative Energy Opportunities (e.g. Bio-fuel) and their impact on Petrochemicals and EnergyCO2 Solutions and Monetization (EOR, CCS, Products) OpportunitiesOther Petrochemicals/Energy related areas and requirement for dedicated solutions and/or emerging future trends.

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